Hot fat deposits

Although proper nutrition and regular exercise are the only way to deal with excess pounds, there are many natural nutritional supplements that can help us with the weight loss process. Of course, ginger is among them. This healing root speeds up metabolism, lowers cholesterol, helps secretion of saliva and digestion of starchy foods, reduces bloating and constipation, all contributing to the loss of pounds.

What is ginger?

Oral ginger is used for driving disorders, morning nausea, cramps, colic, digestion, flatulence, nausea caused by chemotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, loss of appetite, migraine and discontinuation of SSRI therapy (selective serotonin withdrawal inhibitors). Ginger is most used as a cure for colds and to improve circulation. Namely, when you feel anger, trembling and other first symptoms of a cold, ginger tea is used as a means of extinguishing. In chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, there are contradictory data on ginger efficacy, which probably leads to the conclusion that the reaction is individual. There is evidence that ginger may have mild effects in osteoarthritis. In combination with white onion, devil claw and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, better results are achieved in rheumatic changes. Studies have shown that results are only apparent after a few weeks of use, in terms of pain relief during standing, during movement and stiffness of the joints. However, it can not fully restore functionality of the bone-muscle system.

How does ginger work?

The medicinal parts of ginger are root and rice. Ginger exhibits numerous pharmacological effects: it reduces temperature, is anti-inflammatory, sedative, antibiotic, poorly antigenic, and works against coughing. There are preliminary results according to which ginger has the effect of lowering blood sugar, reducing fats in the blood and preventing the formation of thrombus. What do scientific research say? German Commission E has approved the use of ginger for loss of appetite, driving disorders, and problems with digestion associated with heartburn and inflammation. Studies conducted on pregnant women indicate that ginger can be safely used for morning sickness without the risk of fetus. Taking ginger decreases nausea in some pregnant women.

Fresh ginger

It can be obtained in all health food stores, but also in all supermarkets. Price ranges from 25 to 30 kn / kg. When choosing, make sure that the root has to be smooth and firm, not curly and dry. And such a ginger is usable, but it does not have that strength of flavor and action. Fresh ginger has several gingerbreads compared to those minced, or powdered, pickled or fried. Just a little, just one teaspoon of grated or chopped fresh ginger, if it is added to a meal, and taste taste according to taste.